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Evelyn Lagu Discusses Adopting a 7-Month-Old Boy.

Evelyn Lagu, a struggling and ill singer, has talked openly about adopting a 7-month-old boy. Last week, the infant was formally adopted as he began residing in Evelyn Lagu’s home with her family.
The last four years have been extremely difficult for singer Lagu’s health. She first revealed her illness in 2019, informing people that she has kidney issues.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, when medication was difficult to obtain, the illness persisted, but things spiraled out of control.
However, she was unable to travel. She had intended to receive a kidney transplant in India. She was able to travel to Turkey, but due to additional health issues, the surgery was not performed.
Despite all of this, Evelyn Lagu has decided to live with her illness while taking daily medication, which can be challenging.

Her admirers and supporters have been giving her financial support. People have always come to her aid by giving her something each time she has cried out for assistance.
That hasn’t stopped Evelyn Lagu from providing a home for a further homeless person, though. The sick singer is a single parent to a child who is now 18 years old.

Adoption is the only option because she is unable to give birth due to all of her illnesses.
People questioned Lagu as she adopted the baby boy, wondering how he would survive given her illness. As long as they are with each other, she said, they will eat whatever they find.
“I will eat, and the baby will eat from that. He is a very important part of my life, so I can’t give up on him. “, said she.

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