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Woman Chopped Off Her Husband’s Genitals; Police Arrest Her.

A woman is in custody after being accused of murder by the Katwe Division and Kampala Metropolitan South police. He allegedly bled to death after the woman allegedly cut his genitalia. Miss Biira Joy and Mr. Baluku Benson were fighting in the Nabisalu Wasswa Zone of the Makindye Division. On March 26, 2023, he came home drunk and got into a fight.

Fred Enanga, the police’s spokesman, claimed that Baluku had consistently accused his wife of having extramarital affairs. He attempted to strangle his wife, turning their typically insignificant arguments into something much more serious.

He said in a statement that during the domestic altercation, “the husband grabbed his wife by the neck and started strangling her, which prompted the wife to draw a knife and chop off her husband’s genitals.”.

Enanga continued, “This incident serves as yet another reminder that domestic violence is a real, deadly threat.”. The police denounced the spouses’ rage and anger because it could result in them losing respect for one another.

Enanga said, “We would like to remind all spouses living in conflict, to always seek help on how to resolve their family differences.”

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