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Your Whatsapp Will Be Banned If You Do This!!!

Based on the total number of users, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service worldwide. To keep its users’ loyalty and to ensure the security of their content, the app is constantly adding new features. Although the app is quick and simple to use, there are some guidelines and limitations, especially to prevent the spread of false information and fake news world wide.

WhatsApp users can report problems to the company and take action to warn others about potential fake news and spam messages that have been forwarded in an effort to catch wrongdoers. It is better to take care of such things and prevent any such issues from cropping up unintentionally on your part since those who engage in such unacceptable behavior will have their WhatsApp account banned.

The following is a list of potential causes for your WhatsApp account to be suspended.

  1. Avoid regularly sending spam on WhatsApp. Spam is the practice of creating groups or broadcasting lists to send messages continuously.

2. If a user is banned more than once in less than a day, WhatsApp may also deactivate the account.

3. Be careful not to spread untrue information among various groups.

4. Avoid passing on risky phishing links to users or sending malware to Android users in the form of APK files.

5. If the app discovers that you have created an account in someone else’s name or are impersonating someone, your account could also be banned.

6. Due to privacy concerns, WhatsApp does not allow users to communicate over third-party apps like WhatsApp Delta, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc., which could result in a permanent account ban.

7. If many users report your account or many users complain about your account, your WhatsApp account might be banned.

8. Don’t send other users any hateful, threatening, harassing, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, or illegal messages. Pornographic videos cannot be shared on WhatsApp.

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