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Joshua Baraka declares himself to be single and available for dating.

Joshua Baraka, a rising star on Swangz Avenue, has admitted he is single and looking for the love of his life. During an interview with the local television station NBS television, he said this.
Joshua Baraka made a splash with his traditional English music last year. Being popular while singing in a language other than the local one is extremely uncommon in Uganda.
People frequently classify them as urban artists, preventing those in the countryside from appreciating the music.
The fact that Baraka has been able to appeal to both local and urban audiences suggests that the music industry is changing.
At first, people had trouble understanding him, but thanks to his cool demeanor, the media kept giving him a stage on which to advertise himself. He is now one of the young urban artists who has followers in both towns and villages. Though his songs are in English, people are familiar with them.
Since he only recently entered the media, his fans have always been curious about how and where he began his music career.
His relationship status came up during a discussion of his life away from music in an interview.
The charming musician revealed that although he had been dating, it had recently ended. He is now available and looking for the woman of her dreams.
“I was in a relationship for the past three years, but it ended recently because of problems. Currently single and looking, I’m prepared to meet the woman of my dreams, Joshua Baraka said.

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