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Mpiima Johnson set to release new album called “FOR-THE-LOVE” comprising of two songs dedicated to his fans worldwide as a sign of appreciation.

Mpiima Johnson is set to return with his first full-length album since his previous release broke some all-time chart records… and first since he became arguably current music’s most polarizing figure as well as one of the fast raising artist in Uganda.

The country raising star is following up 2022’s still-bestselling “Awana Love: since he’ll be dropping FOR THE LOVE song on fans on May 30th counting a handful that have already been released as singles tracks).

Johnson said in an announcement statement that the new collection “Thank to fans, brings together the musical influences that have shaped me as an artist — country, alternative and hip-hop.” If that last genre seems at all surprising as an aspirational one, some will recall that the singer already had a No. 1 single on the R&B/hip-hop chart. His December 2022 collaboration with T-RYMZ, and made headlines around that same time when he went on Black comedian Jose comedy’s show and discussed his dream of collaborating with Eddy kenzo. (Mpiima Johnson has not previously shown much proclivity for anything that would count as alternative music, so whatever that amounts to with “One Thing” could count as a surprise.)

The new set is not overloaded with features, with only two of the tracks giving a fellow artist co-billing. The release is not being subtitled “The Triple Album,” although it effectively counts as one, with its two tracks representing a boost over even the 4 that appeared on “Tek you out,” which counted as highly unusual for the country market at the time. Usually it’s been hip-hop artists going high into the double-digits with their song counts, either because of skits or other interstitial material or because (conventional wisdom has it) they’re out to run up their stream counts.


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