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According to Pastor Martin Ssempa, Andrew Mwenda needs both spiritual healing and mental therapy.

Andrew Mwenda needs both spiritual healing and mental therapy.

Known political analyst Andrew Mwenda needs spiritual healing and mental therapy, according to prominent city pastor Martin Ssempa. Then, Ssempa published images of Minister Margaret Muhanga and Mwenda’s sister. With Mwenda encircling her and pecking her, they appeared to be having a sibling moment. Zooming in on the image revealed that it appeared as though he was biting her.

According to Ssempa’s interpretation, she appeared to be a little uneasy about this gesture. Therefore, he applied the most recent internet kiss between Chameleone and Weasel as a benchmark. To criticize Weasel and Chameleone while letting Mwenda off the hook, in Ssempa’s opinion, would be hypocritical.
She seems to be very troubled by the forced kiss, so should we criticize @JChameleone for disrespecting our culture by kissing his brother on stage and remain silent when mwenda kisses his sister and proudly tweets about it? Mwenda requires both mental and spiritual counseling. “.
Even Ssempa, a well-known LGBTQ critic, called Mwenda a traitor to African culture. This happened as he highlighted the CEO of Independent Magazine’s rainbow socks at a political event he went to.
In the meantime, Ssempa also described what Mwenda was doing to the sister in the social media images. He believes Mwenda is simply damaging press for Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s presidential aspirations.
“Why is this NOT a peck. 1. Suffocation 2. A chokehold 3. using teeth to bite. 4. Sister is in pain. Mwenda is obviously ill and requires therapy and medical care. He is ineligible to serve as our man’s spokesperson. “.
The pastor of the Makerere Community churches mocked Mwenda’s recent appearances on NTV.
Mwenda roared with laughter as MP Medard Lubega Ssegona explained how they had developed the Anti-Homosexuality bill.
The MP claimed that they encountered numerous young people who had been harmed by sodomy. Mwenda laughed at this, but Ssempa didn’t find it amusing and remarked that the man is sick.

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