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Chameleon’s younger brother Humphrey Mayanza is battling stomach cancer.

Singers Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso’s younger brother Humphrey Mayanja have battled cancer. He regularly visits the hospital due to an undisclosed condition, and many netizens are curious about the reason. Recently, he posted a video on his personal Facebook page in which he interacts with children who call him uncle. He said he gradually improved after being discharged from the hospital. However, Humphrey Mayanza did not reveal the exact name of the illness that made him bedridden, confusing netizens.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that Humphrey has been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. These devastating revelations were first shared by social media blogger Ssenga Acid.
Ssenga Acid asked Humphrey’s family to surround him with love and care during this difficult time. Their support is essential in the fight against life-threatening diseases.

It should be noted that Humphrey was one of the brothers of the Mayanja family. He said he had stomach problems last May and had to undergo surgery to get better.

This is when their father, Mr. Gerald Mayanja, confirmed to the public that Chameleon was also bedridden and suffering from stomach problems. Humphrey said on his Facebook page that he slept and occasionally had a fever during his visit to Boston.

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When he finally got home and rested for a while, his stomach hurt so bad he couldn’t walk or eat. A friend then took him to hospital, where he was diagnosed and advised to undergo immediate surgery.

The news of Humphrey’s diagnosis shocked the online community. Many people are supporting and praying for his recovery.

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