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Am not well Physically and Mentally – Mc Kats

Following the previous event where he was thrown off from the stage, Mc Kats has written on his twitter (X) saying that he is not well physically and mentally. He has attached the medical reports from the laboratory indicating the medical check up results.

Yesterday, Alien Skin, a contentious singer and Champion Gudo’s mentor, was accused of cyberbullying and defamation by MC Kats, a well-known TV personality and event MC.

He also claimed that Ibra, the bodyguard for Alien Skin, assaulted him on stage. On September 8, 2023, he contacted the Kira Police Station and reported the two incidents.
The incident that started the case occurred at a concert singer Geosteady organized at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

When Ibra and other men attacked MC Kats, who was hosting the event and about to introduce Alien Skin’s performance, they also dragged him off the stage. Social media users became enthralled with a video of the incident.

Over the bursary offer the Ruparelia Foundation made to Champion Gudo, a young rapper and dancer who appeared in Alien Skin’s songs and music videos, MC Kats and Alien Skin had been at odds for weeks. Alien Skin, according to MC Kats, handled the offer improperly and took advantage of Champion Gudo for his own gain. Additionally, he claimed that Alien Skin had been harassing him online and sending him threatening messages.

Alien Skin refuted the accusations and insisted that he was not responsible for the attack on the stage. He claimed that his only purpose in being there was to perform and that he was unaware of Ibra. He added that he had been assisting Champion Gudo in pursuing his interests in music and education and that he wasn’t at odds with MC Kats.

No one has yet been arrested by the police, who are still looking into the case. The public and the entertainment industry have reacted to the case in different ways, with some siding with Alien Skin and others with MC Kats.

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