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Douglas Lwanga discusses his decision to leave the media.

Douglas Lwanga, a television host and the CEO of the Purple Party, has mentioned retiring from the media. Since about 20 years ago, Lwanga has been active in the media. He has held positions at three various media organizations. He began working for Records TV, moved on to NTV Uganda, and is currently employed by NBS television.
The presenter has frequently been questioned about his plans to retire. He needs to give young people a chance because he has worked for so long. The talented TV host responded to this query in a recent interview. No one, he claimed, has a set time when they will leave the media business. Retiring, in his opinion, is not a problem. The pursuit of opportunities for transformation and personal growth is what matters most to him.

There are currently a lot of young people studying journalism at the university. But these individuals cannot find employment, particularly in the media.

People with extensive experience in the media, like Douglas Lwanga, are unwilling to hang up their boots.

“There is no set timeframe for leaving the media industry, but as an individual, it is essential to explore avenues for personal growth and transformation,” he said.

It should be noted that individuals who collaborate with Douglas Lwanga directly, such as MC Kats, have long histories in the media. Because none of them are ready to leave the media, they all dislike talking about it.

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