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David Lutalo Addresses Shakira Shakiraa dating rumors!!

David Lutalo, a well-known local singer, has discussed dating Shakira Shakira, another rising star in the music industry. The American singer Shakira returned to Uganda to pursue her singing career.
However, becoming a successful musician in Uganda is extremely difficult for up-and-coming artists.
For someone to succeed in getting there, they must have a powerful team pushing them. By working with different artists who are already at the top of their game, other people use their money to make up for lost time.

These collaborations with well-known artists are difficult to come by. One must possess exceptional talent or be well-known to the artist.
Shakira wasn’t all that well-known when she first entered the industry from the USA. She did, however, have the good fortune that she could work with artists like David Lutalo.
Many musicians who have worked in the field for a very long time haven’t had the opportunity to collaborate with David Lutalo.

When the two musicians released a song, people began to contrast them, suggesting that there might be some sort of relationship between them.
Lutalo asserts that he and Shakira Shakiraa are not romantically involved. Nothing more, just the two of them performing the song.
They are close friends, he claimed, but Shakira Shakira has her own man, just as Lutalo has his own woman.
“I don’t date Shakira Shakira; we just recorded a song together, but she’s got her men,” I said. I don’t think there’s any point in dating her because I already have a woman,” he said.
One artist who has been very private about his relationships and family is David Lutalo.

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