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Teacher Falls Into Running Water And Perishes.

When he fell into running rainwater at Kuru Senior Secondary School in Yumbe district, the teacher drowned. He allegedly fell after collapsing, which caused his untimely death.

The deceased’s hometown was Kamuli, and his name was Gerald Waibi. He had reportedly just been appointed to the position of economics and divinity instructor at the school. Along with his teaching responsibilities, he also had other responsibilities at the school.

Gerald left the school on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 in the afternoon, according to Abdul Yahaha, the deputy headteacher.
He apparently decided to hurry to his apartment in Kuru Trading Center, which is about 300 meters from the school, because it appeared that it was going to rain.

Only a few meters separated Waibi from the trading center when, according to reports, he passed out on the way. On the Yumbe-Koboko highway, he fell unconscious and into the flowing water.
Yahaya went on to say that they were unaware of any underlying medical issues since Waibi was assigned to the school this academic year. Therefore, he stated that they are awaiting the findings of the postmortem in order to determine the reason for the collapse.

Waibi’s death has left the school, according to Muzamil Munduga, the headteacher, at a great loss. He added that a great member had been lost to the education community as a whole.
He said, “The teacher has only been with us for a short while, but he has already proven to be the teacher we have been missing for many years.”.
Evidently, Waibi had not yet accessed the government payroll and had not received any salary payments from the government.

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