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Alien Skin Brushes Off London Show, Gives Reasons!!

Performing artist Patrick Mulwana, also known as Alien Skin, skipped a London concert. The singer has now publicly stated his reasons for skipping this performance.

It should be noted that after his record-breaking performance at Freedom City, it was made known that he would be giving a concert in London alongside his torturer, Pallaso. This was going to take place at Douglas Lwanga’s Purple Party. The Sitya Danger singer reportedly planned to leave for London at 11 p.m. yesterday. However, he decided against going after talking with his management about it.

He gave several justifications for why the Purple Party’s leaders did not select him over Pallaso.
He claimed he was no longer able to perform on the same stage as the attacker. In addition, he added that he had heard that Nigerian singers who travel to London perform there for a high fee. Then he questioned why they were willing to give him so little.

“I was supposed to go to London tonight at 11:00 PM for the Purple Party show. However, after a long meeting with my management, I’m not going. I told the Promoters of the London show (Purple Party) to choose between me and @pallasomusic. I can no longer perform on the same stage with him, they failed to choose one. So I’ve decided to stay in Uganda,” he said.

“I’ve heard Nigerian Artists getting insane money when they come to perform here, why do you take me to London and give me little money?”  he further asked.

The singer has also declared his participation in the Nkwacho festival. At Buloba’s Forest Park, it will take place on August 27.

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