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For One Week, Alien Skin’s Fans tormented Leila Kayondo.

After TikTok users harassed her, singer Leila Kayondo said she had a week of sleepless nights. This followed the singer’s remarks about Alien Skin’s music.

She apparently trashed it and claimed she couldn’t understand the lyrical content.

One of Uganda’s top performers right now is Alien Skin. He now has more ardent supporters who are prepared to attack anyone who disparages him.

Leila Kayondo is one of the individuals who accidentally ran into the enraged supporters of Alien Skin last week. When she stated that she didn’t understand the singer’s music, fans began to yell at her, and the majority of these comments came from TikTok.

She made an honest remark about Alien Skin, just like any other person, according to Kayondo, and she didn’t anticipate any criticism.

She admitted in a recent interview that she hasn’t slept at all this week. She questioned why someone would treat her with the kind of abuse that Alien Skin’s supporters did. The singer claimed that as a young girl, she anticipated that the fans would treat her better.

“TikTok people have abused me. I’ve spent the whole week without sleeping. Why would you treat a young girl like me like that? Because I’ve talked about AlienskinUg? – she wondered.

It should be noted that Leila Kayondo hasn’t been releasing music for sometime. Some people are saying she is looking for a come back in the music industry by using Alien Skin who is currently trending.

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