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Precious Remmie gets angry with Tiktoker Mackline for outing the men who chewed her “HIV positive” sumbie.

Precious Remmie, a media personality and actress, is disappointed in Tiktoker Mackline Juliet Nakalema for making a video exposing every man she has ever had sex with after testing positive for HIV.
It’s rumored that the Tiktoker Mackline Juliet Nakalema works as a prostitute in Dubai. However, she has slept with some well-known Ugandan men without any protection.
Days ago, she went to the hospital for an HIV test and she said it wasn’t what she expected because it turned out that she is positive.
She claims that she attempted to contact some of the men she has ever had sexual relations with in order to encourage them to get HIV tests but was unsuccessful.
To ensure that they received the information on time, she only made a video and mentioned them in it.
One of the individuals she mentioned was the manager of Reign and Maulana, who she claimed had s3x with her unprotected.
The way the woman revealed the men she had been having affairs with infuriated Precious Remmie.
According to Remmie, the lady should have contacted the guys privately but kept it a secret herself. In addition to making herself look bad, she also made her family and her friends look bad.
“I don’t like that this TikTok lady is trending after listing all the men she has ever slept with. She suggested that since they had sex with her without any protection and could be infected themselves, they should get HIV tests. Precious Remmie said, “She doesn’t realize how embarrassing it was for her, as well as for those around her.

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