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Hon Mubarak Munyagwa Storms Catherine Kusasira

Catherine Kusasira, a singer, has received harsh criticism from former Kawempe South MP Hon Mubarak Munyagwa. Following the singer for the Golden Band and Buchaman’s public declaration of their displeasure with the NRM, this is what happened.

President Museveni appointed the two to his advisory council two years ago. They claim that the NRM hasn’t given them any advantages, though.

In fact, Buchaman is prepared to return to Firebase and reunite with Bobi Wine if the NUP boss contacts him. .

The reason Kusasira joined the NRM is unknown to Munyagwa, who claims as much. This is due to the fact that she had a thriving business and a stable career.

She has been relentlessly embarrassing herself since she joined Museveni, though. He cited a time when she was seen on television crying because a bank was about to seize her home.

Another time, as she was sharing her woes with President Museveni’s audience, she was escorted out. Munyagwa enquired as to what Kusasira believed she could counsel the president on.

“Kusasira was successful commercially before all this politics, so why did she join the NRM when her career was going well? She has, however, consistently felt ashamed of herself since joining the government. What exactly did she think she was going to counsel Museveni on? asked Munyagwa. .

According to the former MP, Buchaman can be excused because he seems sincere. He hasn’t been yelling tantrums either, even after being appointed a presidential advisor.

In order for the two to mend fences, Munyagwa added that Bobi Wine should get in touch with and call Buchaman.

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