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To Return To The Stage, Bobi Wine Ought To Get UMA’s Attention, Says Cindy.

Singer and politician Bobi Wine should approach UMA, according to Cindy Sanyu, president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA). If he wants to return to performing music on stage, he must do this.

Cindy thinks it’s unfortunate that Bobi Wine isn’t singing. But if he doesn’t ask for their assistance, they won’t be able to do much for him.
They can’t cling to someone who makes it clear that he doesn’t require them, so they can’t cling to him. But they are prepared to fight tooth and nail to bring him back on stage if he does come out and make contact with them.

The Boom Party singer was made aware of the fact that Bobi Wine was a founding member of UMA.
Due to the fact that some have even served as association president at one time, Cindy claimed that this is meaningless. They have since severed ties with the organization, though, and are unaware of its current state.
It’s unfortunate that Bobi Wine has not yet appeared on stage to perform again. He hasn’t spoken with UMA about his problem, though. Additionally, we are powerless to stand up for someone who makes it clear that he is independent of us. But if he gets in touch with us, we’ll fight for him without a doubt,” Cindy said.

All of this, she said, was done with respect for the so-called ghetto gladiator. Cindy asserts that due in large part to Bobi Wine’s political career, there isn’t a musician in East Africa who is as successful.
To conduct business, they must adhere to a set of regulations as UMA.
A baby shower was also given for the singer by a number of musicians. She claimed that since she hadn’t anticipated it, this came as a surprise.
She and her husband decided against hosting a baby shower this year after doing so last year. She was even more shocked to learn that musicians who opposed her leadership were also involved.

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