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Ritah Dancehall Put in her place for disrespecting Cindy’s husband.

Some local actors in the film industry were upset following the comments made by Sheebah’s dancer Ritah Dancehall about Cindy‘s husband Prynce Joel Okuyo. Because the vixen disregarded one of their own, they made the decision to discipline her.

It should be noted that Prynce publicly acknowledged that he was instrumental in locating Sheebah’s misplaced phone in Arua. But Ritah claimed that Cindy’s husband is only after influence. This is due to the fact that Prynce was not mentioned anywhere among those who assisted in retrieving it.

Local actor Housen Mushema wasn’t impressed with her remarks. According to what he knows of Prynce, he is not the kind of person to go on camera and deny doing something, the man said. The dancer in question ought to respect her authority and stop.

“This gal is something else. As far as I know, Prynce is not someone who would literally just come out to just show himself in such matters. If he did help you recover the phone, shut up and do what you have to do. He is an Arua boy born and raised. He knows everyone there. Chances are, he did something. Recognize that first before you point a camera to yourself and take someone’s effort lightly.”

Patrick Salvador, a comedian in the area, added that anyone who questions Prynce’s role in locating the phone is uninformed. Because Arua gangs only pay attention to one of their own, this is the case. He belongs to them as well.

“Whoever downplays Okuyo Prynce’s help in finding @Ksheebah1’s phone in the name of him chasing clout doesn’t know how gangs in Arua work. Give the man his flowers and be grateful. Arua gangs respect their local celebrities and when one pleads, any property can be returned. I can solely testify,” said Salvado.

Some people even claimed that Sheebah and Cindy’s camps were pulling a practical joke on each other. The reason for this is that their battle’s energy had begun to gradually wane.


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