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Cindy Sanyu Talks About Sheebah’s Role In UNMF.

Cindy Sanyu, a dancehall performer and member of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), has commented on the membership of Sheebah Karungi in the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

The feud between Cindy and Sheebah dates back to their early years in the music business, when they were both still quite competitive. Even after they all reached adulthood, established families and businesses, it continued to expand. Even now, they are still not friends.

Sheebah refused to join after Cindy was elected president of UMA. She even admitted to the media that she had no idea what UMA stood for. She was available and encouraging, though, when Cindy decided to challenge her friend King Saha. Sheebah was not included in the elections because they were suspended and Cindy was retained as association president.

Sheebah was given the chance to serve as deputy president of the newly formed Federation for Artists. She has stated that she is committed to leading her peers and has been taking it seriously.

Cindy won’t stand for it, though. She has claimed that everyone in the UNMF is incompetent. Sheebah’s position in the new Federation doesn’t bother her, she continued. She is concerned with UMA’s objectives because she is the leader of UMA.

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