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Sharon Nami Releases “Tolikyuka”

Songbird and writter Sharon Nami has released her single entitled “Tolikyuka” in which she laments the unloving behavior of a lover who made promises to give her gifts but only brought her wounds.

One of the Ugandan musicians to break into the music scene in 2019 is Sharon Nami, who released the single “Bamuleete.”. She then proceeded to replace her Bamuleete with a song called “So sweet” before playing “Kanyimbe“.

Following the release of her music, Nami is one of the Ugandan musicians who is arduously working to improve Uganda’s music industry.
Many performers, including various tiktokers and extraordinarily talented juveniles of Namuyomba comedy, have gone ahead and created video challenges using the Tolikyuka song.

Listen to Tolikyuka, click here

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