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I will slap you- Alien skin to Kasuku

Controversial upcoming musician Alien Skin has vowed to slap media personality Kasuku whenever they cross paths. He said this in response to what Kasuku had said during his daily show on Spark Television about him and his career.

The media has been covering Alien Skin’s fights and abuse of various people ever since he gained notoriety. It all began when Galaxy FM put him forward as an up-and-coming artist for the Zzina Awards.
In response, he pleaded with them not to ever put him forward for such a category because he was better than that.

He then started beating up a bar bouncer he had just encountered at a local club where he had gone to have fun. For the bouncer, he was detained and then freed.
Now that Kasuku has been promised some slaps soon, Alien Skin is stepping up his fighting game. This appears to be the case if he keeps disparaging him in speech.

The singer claims that many people have been disparaging his name while ignoring the fact that talent cannot be defeated. He asserted that he should be welcomed by various artists, including David Lutalo, who have been featured in the media.
Instead, they are demeaning him, and he is helpless to intervene on their behalf.
Though he claimed he would remain silent, he added that individuals like Kasuku would experience his bitterness.

“I don’t know what David Lutalo wants of me. And for Kasuku I don’t have anything to talk about him. I will just slap him anytime soon if he keeps talking about me,” he said.

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