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Singer Eddy Kenzo In Hot Soup Over Stolen Song Of Slungslayer.

Slungslayer, an up-and-coming singer, claims that the beat for his brand-new song, “Bombastic Song,” was stolen by renowned musician Eddy Kenzo. Toninyilira is the name of Slungslayer’s song, which he claims was written five years ago.

This little-known musician claims that he and producer Asteyn discovered this beat at Badi Music Studios. Slungslayer decided that the beat was the best for him despite the fact that many singers had shunned it. He gave the producer instructions to add a few ingredients to polish it, and he later turned it into a song.

Despite being released in 2018, this song didn’t gain much traction. Asteyn later joined Kenzo’s Big Talent and left Badi Music. Asteyn kept searching for him so that he would show up and play music with him. Additionally, Slungslayer and Asteyn were discovered in the studio one day by Muhumuza Martin Beta, the manager of Kenzo.

Eddy Kenzo Accused of Stealing A Song By Upcoming Artist Slungslayer

Muhumuza instructed Asteyn to stop there because she was so terrified of how skilled Slungslayer was. The producer then advised the singer to sell the Toninyilira song to them. However, Slungslayer declined, not realizing that they had already turned the refusal into a song.
In an effort to achieve justice, he is now prepared to square off against the BET Award winner.
He asserts that there is no justification for established musicians to consistently take advantage of up-and-coming ones. Additionally, he notes that the Big Talent host could have approached him informally or even asked to collaborate before performing the song. His attorneys appear to be moving the paperwork to file a lawsuit against the singer Semyekozo.

Evidently, Slungslayer claimed that his family also has necessities. While his siblings are seated at home with no school fees, his mother struggles to pay for even sugar. And he hopes that his music career will help him overcome all of these issues.
Indeed, a quick YouTube search reveals that he uploaded his song five years ago. The beat between his song and Kenzo’s Bombastic is identical, but it hasn’t even received 1,000 views yet.

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