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I Have Never Consumed “Kikomando” And I Won’t – Singer Planet Omutume

The upcoming musician and “Chai We’njaye” hitmaker Planet Omutume has denied ever eating “Kikomando,” the common street food associated with ghetto youth.
Even though the singer has only recently become well-known, fame is already influencing his behavior.

While being famous can occasionally be beneficial, many people struggle to maintain their fame over time. They lose what they had when it comes to them because of pride.

When his song “Chai We’njaye” first started trending on TikTok, Planet Omutume, who is still a young man, became well-known.

From there, he was noticed by the media, which began providing him with a stage on which to display his talent. But right now, he’s using media outlets to talk about his past and in a way boast about who he was before becoming famous.

The cheapest food in Uganda, especially for those with low incomes, has been “kikomando,” which has kept young people fed. Planet Omutume, who identifies as a young person from the ghetto, claimed to have never tried that cuisine and to believe that he will never do so.

He claimed that although the food might be good, he doesn’t find it particularly appetizing. Like other people, he doesn’t think it’s pleasant.

“The lifestyle I lead as a celebrity hasn’t really had a big impact on my life. I’ve lived in a ghetto, but I can’t eat African tortillas and beans [Kikomando], which are all the foods I used to eat from the continent.

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