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Stop assuming people are gay before you are certain- Kasuku advises.

YouTuber and media personality Kasuku, real name Katende Isaac, has pleaded with Ugandans to abstain from labeling people as homosexual before they are certain of their identity. The homosexuality issue has long been a problem in Uganda.
They attempted to pass a law against homosexuality in 2014, but they were unsuccessful. Since then, nobody has spoken out about it, and this year has seen an increase in homosexual behavior, particularly among students attending school.
Last year, videos of young Ugandans being recruited into homosexuality became popular. Social media was used to voice complaints, but nothing was done.
One video shows a boy who was exploited and abandoned in a life-threatening situation without assistance. Although nothing was done, his parents began to ask for assistance and name names of those who had abused him.
Until the government noticed the rising number of acts this year and decided to bring it up in Parliament, the acts persisted. Even though the president hasn’t yet signed the anti-homosexuality bill into law, it was passed.
With all of this, people are now making assumptions about each other’s sexual orientation based on how they look and what they are wearing.
Kasuku declared that he was sick of witnessing people being bullied, particularly men, for wearing pink clothing. He claimed that people automatically assume a man is gay whenever they see him wearing that color.
Kasuku thinks that is extremely disrespectful, and someone should judge the man for being gay after establishing it.
“Ugandans should refrain from assuming that someone is gay before they are certain. This is a very disrespectful and annoying thing. It is assumed that every man wearing pink is gay, even though this is untrue, he said.

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