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The Music Industry Is Very Difficult, according to Princess Amirah.

You’d better think twice if you’ve ever imagined the music industry to be a leisurely stroll through opulence. According to singer Princess Amirah, the business is not as simple as people think.

People, according to her, assume that musicians lead straightforward lives. But they face the same challenges as people in other professions in daily life.

She added that she sometimes performs gospel music because it gives her comfort. The Sibookya singer, on the other hand, claimed to have established many contacts in the music business.
She hopes to continue earning money in the future and is thankful for it.

“The music industry is not as smooth as people think. People look at an artist as someone who is very okay but life is as hard as it can be in any other business. Sometimes I even sing gospel music when I am confused.

From the music industry, I have been able to get connected to people who later become good friends to me. I believe that’s one of the things I am grateful for and I hope to make money in the future,” Princess Amiirah said.

The band member also discussed the contentious copyright law, focusing on comments made by Bobi Wine that sparked a debate.

She thought the remarks of the Firebase boss were sufficient. Evidently, Big Talent’s executive director Eddy Kenzo added superfluous sentiments.

In her case, she claimed that no one has ever contacted her regarding the Musicians Federation. Through social media, she has learned everything about it.

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