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Why Your Celebrities Stick Around Cheating Partners.

Polygamy was not exempt from the white invasion of African culture. Their teachings distorted the African environment to the point where they persuaded man to change from marrying multiple women to one woman.
Man finds many characteristics in women attractive, so it is difficult for him to commit to one woman, let alone one who is admired and looked up to by everyone. It is well known that kings have queens and concubines.

Stories about the infidelity of politicians and celebrities toward their loved ones are constantly emerging.
Even the most well-known couple, Bobi Wine and his wife Barbara Itungo, experienced a low point when it was claimed that he fathered a child outside of marriage. While admitting to being unfaithful, Bobi Wine vehemently denied having an extramarital child. To his advantage, the results of the DNA test showed that the child did not belong to Bobi Wine.

Andrew Kabuura cheated on his gorgeous wife Flavia Tumisiime, according to his sidekick Mercy Twinomujuni, who shared screenshots of their private conversations in 2021. Despite the crisis, the couple managed to conceal the scandal. They are having a second child.
There was a rumor that Nutty Neithan had cheated on his baby’s mother, Joy Tumusiime, aka Empress. When they were recording their song “what did you do,” Nutty is said to have cheated on Fille Mutoni.
Eventually, they reconciled.

Zuena once made the decision to leave big-sized Bebe Cool after he allegedly cheated and also rented a home to his other woman. However, she opted for marriage, and the couple has been contentedly cohabitating with their kids. Bebe Cool was so affected by her absence that he even wrote the song Agenze specifically for her. Allan Hendrix Byamugisha Ssali, the child of Bebe Cool’s love, was later compelled to join the family.
The cheater is aware of their motives. However, there are some circumstances in which an affair with a partner is acceptable. Some place the blame on their ability to maintain their standard of living, their children, or their fear of being alone, while others are willing to give their partners numerous chances after they sincerely apologize and agree to change their behavior.

Since the couples on the list are made up of well-known people, the victims can easily move on because they can afford to buy themselves flowers, as Miley Cyrus sings in her song “flowers.”.
Relationship expert Yusuf Buwembo weighs in and argues that for relationships to endure, stars and other people must act stupid. He asserts that marriage is only for the foolish. He said, “Wise people don’t get married.”.
“A person who behaves foolishly is one who, in the face of injustices they could never have anticipated, decides to remain. Before making commitments, you hear people say they can’t accept anything less, but as soon as they decide to settle, everything changes, he claimed.

He uses the example of women to show how some women make the vow to never marry a man with children or who is already married, but they end up settling with them after realizing that their flaws can be overcome.
“It also applies to men, but when you decide to get married, you set everything else aside and are patient. The people who chose the happier side of their relationships are the ones who are still in relationships with cheaters, he claimed.
In addition, he suggested that before making a choice, people weigh the pros and cons of their personalities to determine whether the negatives outweigh the positives.

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