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Pallaso Being My Brother Doesn’t Mean That I’m Going To Fight His Battles – Jose Chameleone

Dr. Jose Chameleone, a legendary and seasoned singer, has said he doesn’t want to get involved in feuds with his brother Pallaso or other musicians.

He asserted that despite being related to the self-proclaimed king of the east, he was not required to engage in constant combat alongside him.

It should be noted that the Malamu singer and the recently born Alien Skin are at odds. The Mayanja brother has paid a price for this as his name was dropped for the London Purple Party.
Additionally, an audio has been going viral on social media. A voice that resembles Chameleone‘s talks over the image of Alien Skin that is on this.

This voice is saying that the Ugandan singers should be respected by the promoters. He pondered how Alien Skin could fly economy class while preparing to perform for hundreds of fans.
Jose Chameleone learned of this and told whoever was doing it to stop. It turns out that he is acquainted with him; he is none other than Leone Island’s former protege, Champion Genius Levy.
The singer of Valu Valu continued by saying that even if he were to converse with Pallaso, he would not do so in front of the camera. They are brothers, thus the reason for this.

I do not wish to be drawn into Pallaso’s wars.
Although he is my brother, that does not mean that I will take up arms in all of his conflicts. I’m a grown man, and the way I fight my battles is very different. Therefore, I want to warn Champion Genius Levy to stop his foolish behavior. I found it annoying when people pretended to be me while running campaigns on my name to gain TikTok followers. Please strip off and take charge of the entire village if you want followers. And because Pallaso is my brother, I speak to him in private if I need to, the singer added.

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