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Sandra Twinoburyo NTV Journalist describes her sexual assault incident.

Sandra Twinoburyo NTV Journalist describes her sexual assault incident.

Sandra Twinoburyo, a journalist for NTV, has described how she overcame being sexually assaulted in Istanbul, Turkey.

This week’s Wednesday saw Sandra Twinoburyo post on Twitter that she had misplaced her passport while traveling through Istanbul on her way to Berlin.

She went on to say that she has reason to believe that her passport was intentionally stolen by a stranger with ulterior motives up until this point.
Later, the news anchor was given a personal airport representative to help her with the process of getting her passport back.

To Sandra Twinoburyo’s chagrin, she can still clearly remember the official inappropriately groping her in the elevator.
She cried out for assistance, but no one listened as they continued to shove her back and forth.
I’ll never forget the appearance of this man. I wish I had been brave enough to take his picture, but I was too afraid. reads Sandrah’s tweet in part.

After a wonderful trip to Berlin, I misplaced my passport while traveling through Istanbul. I still firmly believe it was stolen on purpose, and I also nearly suffered a sexual assault when an officer who had offered to help me tried to touch me inappropriately in an elevator.

The face of this man is one I’ll never forget. Although I wished I had, I was too afraid to take his picture. I fought to get assistance, but everyone just seemed to shove me back and forth. I don’t know about you, but I’d be interested in hearing about your worst travel mishaps.

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