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Sheilah Gashumba Hints At Breaks Up With Rickman.

Sheilah Gashumba, a media personality and social media influencer, and Rickman Manrick, a singer, reportedly split up. According to rumors, this occurred after Sheilah Gashumba appeared in the Rickman Manrick and singer Anknown Prosper music video for the song “Cinderella.”.

They have been dating for almost two years. When Sheilah broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Gods Plan, the two began dating. They made their relationship public so soon, which made fans wonder if they might be in a healthy relationship that would eventually result in marriage.
A video of Rickman and another woman was shared on social media before the couple celebrated their first anniversary. Sheilah responded, but claimed that since it was in the past and they were in the present, it had nothing to do with their relationship.
Sheilah’s father, meanwhile, recently expressed his displeasure with the relationship his daughter has with Rickman. He claimed that such boys, who lack money and are preoccupied with women, are unworthy of his daughter. Sheilah was unfazed by her father’s remark, though, as she was old and capable of making her own decisions. However, it appears that because of cheating, they have severed all ties.

Yesterday, “Cinderella” was uploaded as a video to YouTube. A fan questioned Sheilah about the video’s deletion after it was deleted at night. Sheilah claims she has too much on her plate and is too well-organized to be aware of what other people are doing with their content. Sheilah made another allusion to infidelity when she said that when a man cheats on a woman, he always makes her look crazy.

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