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I’m afraid I might never fly out of the country again – Bettinah Tianah

Bettinah Tianah, a former media personality who is currently a model and actress, has shocked Ugandans. She admitted that the only reason she travels abroad is to collaborate with more accomplished and skilled photographers on photo shoots.

She stated on social media that she is afraid she might not leave the country again.
According to Bettinah Tianah, new photography studios that are both lovely and elegant have appeared all over Kampala.

The stunning woman expressed her willingness to give these elegant photography locations a chance. Modeling in Uganda does not pay as well as it does in other developed nations. However, those who have dreams try to persevere and later leave Uganda to earn more money.

Bettinah has lived in Uganda, but she devotes a lot of time to modeling. In order to solely concentrate on modeling, she even quit her job as a television producer.
She claims that she struggled with racism after moving to nations like Spain and the USA.
She hasn’t stopped trying, though.

Bettinah Tianah only flies out to take pictures, which shocked her fans. Even getting the chance to board a plane is still their only hope.

“I’m afraid I might never fly out of the country again, seeing that so many beautiful classy photography spaces are opening up in Kampala. Nanti I only fly out to take photos,” she said.

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