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After being sexually harassed by peers, a student was left unconscious in Jinja.

The Uganda Police has disclosed that it is looking into sexual harassment that left a student unconscious at Jinja College. The Kiira Regional Police report that a group of fellow students attacked a 15-year-old student.
After tying his body to a bed, they tied his mouth shut with a piece of cloth. They then stripped him and poked a stick into his anus. He was rendered unconscious as a result.
He was later taken by ambulance to the Nile Hospital, where the stick was taken out. It appears that prior to his assault, this student had reported four other students who had engaged in sodomy.

“In a separate development, the police at Kiira Region and Jinja City are investigating circumstances under which a 15 year old male juvenile, at Jinja College was attacked by a group of students, who tied his mouth with a cloth, and his body to a bed. The naughty students undressed the victim and pushed a stick into his anus on 14.06.2023..” the statement reads in part.

“The victim fell unconscious but was recovered late and rushed to Nile International Hospital, where the stick was removed. The victim had reported 4 students, involved in acts of sodomy, which led to their suspension. Inquiries into the matter continue.”

According to police reports from the last few weeks, sodomy and bullying seem to have become more prevalent in schools.

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