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Blogger Nasif in hot soup over prostitution scandals; Brenda accuses him of Eating and runs away!!

A well-known Brenda has accused struggling blogger and CEO Nasif Tv of contracting for a service worth 450k and then leaving without paying the agreed-upon fees.
Brenda visited Nasif’s house as shown in the screenshots below; she gave him her beans, but he wouldn’t pay her 450k. Brenda claims that she is a single mother who works hard to support herself and her child worries her. However, Nasif tv invited her over, took advantage of her, and then fled without paying her.

Below are the shared screenshots from Brenda

Brenda repeatedly urges supporters to support her until she is satisfied, sharing their conversion on social media as the only evidence of her readiness to fight Nasif until she receives payment.

Following the comment section of a fellow blogger Ray Super Star Masha Hearts says that Asasule tatuwoleza  buli omu ayimilile kumudala gwasobola to avoid issues likes these Nasifary pay.

“pay Brendaz moneynext time you will go to ur wife or girlfriend Kafere gwe….,ur such a kid,so u thought people were going to believe ur childish messages u sent urself ????we dare you to put the number on display for Brenda like urs is above” says Gloshtuts Kabahuma Abwooli

“Omwaana musasule akasente ke kubanga walya. Wadde 450K yaseeramu naye musasule kubanga wazikkiriza.  N’ekilala nammwe abawala mubeere serious. 450K nga onguza ki ekyo? Mutalamulire akasente akali reasonable so that we dnt end up failing to pay.

Naye gwe munno n’ojimuguza 450K as if akola subscription ya mwaaka nga tajja kuddamu kusasula?” Ray Super star.


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