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VIDEO: Is Lucky Mbabazi ch3wing her boss? Here is the truth

On social media, there is a rumor going around that lucky Mbabazi, a presenter on capital FM radio, is chewing her boss out.

Social media has been abuzz with the rumor, but it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

Tweeps claim that Lucky Mbabazi has been cheating on her husband secretly.

She was caught this time, and as a result, she is currently going viral.

“Breaking news.

S3x scandal hits @CapitalFMUganda. The Capital FM CEO Peter Mungoma is enjoying bummy @LuckyMbabazi in city lodges.

The rosy relationship between the two has forced Lucky to walk out of @PatriqKanyomozi house. Remember it is said lucky is also Gaetanos person.,” One tweep posted

currently she is blocking everyone who comments anything related to her and the trending gossips on her facebook page.

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