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Bruno K’s sugar mommy releases a song that torments him called Weemwe.

Dorah, sugar mommy to singer Bruno K, made the decision to record a song and release it. The song is critical of the musician. On social media, the two have been involved in a savage argument over their relationship.

Bruno’s filthy nature and the presence of a forest of Fangons in his underwear were revealed by Dorah. He also stinks and is unclean. Additionally, he is a one-minute man who doesn’t stay in bed for very long.

She included all of these details in her song, “WEEMWE,” which means “shave yourself” and is titled as such. She performs with an unidentified singer by the name of Lucky Costa. It should be mentioned that Bruno K recently released a song called Nakulyako as well.

Last week, Dorah’s personal videos were released online in the wake of this scandal, much to the chagrin of many. She has now threatened to take the singer to court because she thinks the singer is the one who started them on fire.

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