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Eddy Kenzo is commended by Tamale Mirundi for defying Rema’s expectations regarding marriage.

Tamale Mirundi, a well-known political analyst and one of President Museveni’s staunchest supporters, has publicly praised singer Eddy Kenzo for defying Rema’s expectations regarding marriage. More than 5 years of dating had passed between Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo. Even a child is shared by the two.

The majority of young people even thought of them as a powerful celebrity couple without realizing that they were experiencing marital issues just like any other regular person.

When Rema made the decision to move on with her life in 2019, the truth was revealed. Soon after leaving Eddy Kenzo’s house, she wed Dr. Hamza Ssebunya. A significant introduction ceremony was held as the party garnered media attention.

Rema’s choice infuriated Eddy Kenzo’s supporters, and Eddy Kenzo posted emotional videos on social media. When it comes to that, Tamale Mirundi has supported Eddy Kenzo and continues to do so.

He claims Rema had high expectations and was unaware that famous people, particularly a famous person like Eddy Kenzo, are not allowed to get married. He has a lot to do and a lot of ladies are staring at him. Even though Rema didn’t realize it, the time for marriage is not now. Therefore, Mirundi thinks Eddy Kenzo made the right decision by choosing not to wed Rema.

“A star cannot get married and I am happy that Eddy Kenzo understood that. He knows he is a star and he did the right thing for his career,” he said.

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