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Deputy Speaker Hon Thomas Tayebwa Announces The Winner Between Sheebah And Cindy

The eagerly awaited music competition between two of Uganda’s top female musicians took place yesterday, and Hon Thomas Tayebwa, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, has come forward to announce the winner.

As thousands of fans showed up to support their favorite artists, Tayebwa was there as the guest of honor. The show went off as planned, and despite having some flaws of its own, the audience seemed to enjoy it.

Many different viewpoints on who might have won are still being expressed as of right now. The majority of viewpoints and online polls appear to place Cindy Sanyu, the King Herself, in a commanding lead. She is unquestionably very skilled with live music, and her vocals were flawless.

She does it with such ease and is aware that it is her most important tool. But no one could have charmed the crowd and made them feel like they were at a party better than Sheebah.

She may not have heavenly melodies, but she can work her way up the ladder with ease. Sheebah began her performance with a strong performance. Her neighborhood was buzzing, and the Independence Grounds had undoubtedly been joined by the party.

The decision of who will win, however, is largely based on personal preference. The outcome was a definite draw, according to Hon Thomas Tayebwa.

Because both women were wonderful, he was unable to draw a conclusion by naming the clear victor. As a result, he ruled that the two camps were tied.

“It’s a draw! @Ksheebah1 @IamCindySanyu,” said Tayebwa.

You, Sheebaholics and Cindicates, must now decide who wins by looking at the final verdict. The other Itel and neutral groups may also contribute to the choice of the winner.

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