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Sheebah-Cindy Battle: Enosoft Blogger Analyses Few Things That Didn’t Go Well

Fans cheered when singers Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu performed their eagerly anticipated duel. Because Sheebah’s previous manager Jeff Kiwa refused to try it, Ugandans had to wait a long time for it.

After her divorce from Jeff Kiwa, she began living the life she had always wanted. One of the things was a musical competition with Cindy Sanyu.

When the fight was announced, fans were thrilled. Both musicians gave a live performance lasting more than three hours on September 15, 2023, making history. Fans who attended, however, couldn’t stop talking about certain aspects of the show that didn’t go as planned.

Well, it’s high time we give the security guards credit for their hard work; the job was well done. The majority of the arrangements, such as security, were in place though there was bomb threats, but the surprise was destroyed when Dejaays began playing the performers’ music before they took the stage.

The sound was also something to take into consideration; it was extremely bad, especially at the start of the battle, when Cindy’s backup microphones were later muted for no apparent reason. It appears that music fans were not as engaged with the music as they ought to have been.

The other topic concerned the event emcees. At first, I believed I Enosoft blogger i was the only one who felt this way, but surprisingly, almost everyone adhered to the event mcee’s code of conduct and engaged in physical altercation. Even Sheilah Gashumba herself expressed her displeasure with the mcees, calling them extremely vulgar and unprofessional while even the youngest viewers were at home.

“I understand but we can’t have people shouting and being vulgar on stage. This is being watched on TV by different age groups and on top of that it’s a university funding this show. Is this the conduct they are promoting!,” Sheilah Gashumba tweeted.

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