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Eddy Kenzo Should Be Taken For Mental Check-Up -Big Eye

Big Eye Starboss, whose real name is Ibrahim Mayanja, has asked for volunteers to take fellow performer Eddy Kenzo to the doctor for a mental health evaluation. Following Eddy Kenzo’s remarks about the music industry and his response to Bobi Wine, he said this.

When Eddy Kenzo lost the Grammy Award the previous year, Big Eye made it clear that he didn’t like him. He was content to call him selfish and claim that he wasn’t deserving of the honor. He claimed that Kenzo had rejected his requests for connections, particularly for international musicians’ phone numbers. Eddy Kenzo now tries to undermine him in everything he does.
President of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) at the moment is the BET Award winner. Some artists disagree with it because they believe its primary objective is to obtain funding from the government. In his remarks, Bobi Wine warned against turning artists into beggars.

Eddy Kenzo urged Bobi Wine to show respect for other musicians in his response. When Eddy said anything, Big Eye wasn’t pleased. He quickly took to his social media platforms to respond to him, saying that his claim about politicians is illogical. According to Big Eye, Eddy Kenzo needs a mental evaluation as soon as possible.

“Zigido, the law you are yapping about is supposed to be passed in parliament by the members of parliament. And you are comfortably saying that politicians should stay away from the music industry. Then who will pass it?
Let someone volunteer and take that woman for a mental check-up,” he said.

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