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President Museveni’s Covid-19 test results were negative.

According to President Museveni, after 11 days, his Covid-19 test resulted in a negative result. Through his social media channels, he announced the news yesterday evening. Nearly two weeks ago, it was determined that the president had COVID-19.

None of his family members, not even his wife Janet Kataha Museveni, were supportive, though.

He regularly posted updates on social media about his health to Ugandans during his illness and period of self-isolation. He failed to provide an update for two days, and on social media, rumors of his death and ICU admission began to spread.

Later, via Twitter, the President publicly debunked the rumors.

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He claimed that he had been informed that some people, particularly Kenyans, were spreading untrue rumors about him being in the intensive care unit.

President Museveni has finally acknowledged that the virus is no longer present in his body, thanks to all the prayers his supporters have been offering for him.

He gave God praise for making it possible for him to recover quickly and effectively. Even though he was still testing positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday last week, President Museveni claimed to have made progress.

“On the war with corona, it is now confirmed that I am a veteran graduate of the war with that enemy. Today, the samples showed that I had turned negative vis a vis corona. Even the samples of last Wednesday had showed the reduced presence of the virus parts. The Glory goes to God,” he tweeted.

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