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Hon Muhammad Nsereko Explains Why He Quit Music.

Hon Muhammad Nsereko, a member of parliament for Kampala Central, has shared his motivation for quitting music. The MP had stints as a struggling singer in the past, working with artists like Bobi Wine, Amooti Omubalanguzi, and Mad Fox, among others.

He later stopped singing, though, and he blames politics for this. The MP claimed that leadership was his true calling and was the reason he entered the field.
However, according to Nsereko, if he is heavily pursued, he might find a way to return to the field. but this time as a promoter rather than a performer.

“I used to be a musician, and I was connected to people like Amooti and Mad Fox, among others. I resigned, though, in order to focus on politics and leadership, which I feel are my true callings. I may return to the music business, but as a promoter rather than a musician, the MP said, if the crowds continue to irritate me.

The comedian Kato Lubwama, a friend of his, was laid to rest, and he also expressed gratitude to everyone who attended and supported the service.
It appears that people are still offering support and sending condolences. The politician vowed to take the late person’s place and see to it that he finished what he had planned.
Additionally, because the children of the former Diamond Ensembles boss are still young, he will try to assist them.

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