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Zari Hassan On Why Her Relationships End in Failure

Zari Hassan, a socialite, has disclosed why her relationships frequently end in failure. She claims that she cannot tolerate a partner who cheats. The relationship ends the second she snags you.
She continued, “Most people usually accuse me of changing men, but that’s not true.”. After learning of her partners’ infidelity, the mother of five claimed that she always ends these relationships. This is a deal-breaker for her, and her current boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya is aware of it.

“In a relationship, cheating is the behavior I find most intolerable from my partner. The day I walk out on you is the day I catch you in the act. Zari does not change men, contrary to what most people believe.
I just detest cheaters.

In a relationship, Zari further stated, it is impossible for her to cheat. She can’t handle the constant state of suspense and smuggler’s lifestyle, which is why she does this.
Additionally, she disclosed that she and her husband, Shakib, share phone passwords. The majority of the women who enter her man’s DM are women she is familiar with, which surprises her.
The so-called boss lady also made a suggestion that Shakib and she might walk down the aisle together. Later in December or early in the following year, they may get married.

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