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I am ready to battle with disrespectful fans – Winnie Nwagi insists

The fights between rowdy fans and singer Winnie Nwagi appear to be continuing. The performer has made clear how she plans to start competing against them.

She is prepared to fight if that is what it takes. She said she would start stepping up security significantly, especially if she performed in areas with such fans.
These fans are “absolutely insane,” the Jangu singer claimed. She is therefore not prepared to put up with them using her as a plaything.

The contentious singer also claimed that their work was already exhausting. The majority of them are fed up with the copyright preventing them from making money off of their music.

They least anticipate being mistreated by fans.
She claimed that the majority of musicians are sick of this kind of conduct. Although she doesn’t share their fear of speaking up, they do.
Nwagi continued, “In addition to being on stage shaking their bums, they are parents.”.
Also, they have other people’s daughters.

On top of that, they are respected by a few people. Because of this, she won’t tolerate being treated like garbage. She intends to fight against this. .
“Those fans who hurl bottles at me are simply irate. However, I’m now ready to always perform in these environments in full commando mode. They won’t get away with it, so I’ll fight back. And so are my band mates. They do not want to be touched in an offensive manner or treated like garbage, but they are hesitant to speak out.
She stated, “.

The singer has a history of assaulting obnoxious fans who make an effort to harass her sexually. In fact, Winnie Nwagi slammed a microphone into a fan who tried to touch her inappropriately last week.

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