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Big Talent Foundation Was My Idea Not Eddy Kenzo – Big Eye Confirms

Big Eye, a troubled singer whose real name is Mayanja Ibrahim, has insisted that he was the one who came up with the concept for Big Talent.
A record company called Big Talent is run by Eddy Kenzo, president of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) and a Grammy nominee.

Back in the day, Eddy Kenzo and Big Eye were best friends.
When Kenzo allegedly refused to share his international contacts, their relationship ended last year.

The majority of Ugandans rejoiced when he was nominated for a Grammy Award, not realizing that some people, like Big Eye, were hoping he wouldn’t win.

Big Eye, regrettably, reveled in his defeat.
At that point, he declared out loud that his friendship with Kenzo had soured.

Eddy Kenzo has been referred to as self-centered by Big Eye ever since, who has been speaking poorly of him.
Even at one point, he addressed him as a lady.
To his words and assertions, Eddy Kenzo has never responded.

The singer of “I am Already Booked” recently disclosed that he helped Eddy Kenzo launch Big Talent, his record label.

When questioned, Eddy Kenzo scoffed.
The record label, he claimed, was entirely his idea, and the reason it is still active, is because no one else assisted him in starting it. But despite Kenzo’s denials, the starboss has insisted that the creation of Big Talent was his idea.

“I don’t understand why that egotistical man keeps denying that I had anything to do with starting Big Talent. But I’m confident that he is aware of the truth, and I have to admit it was my idea for my fans,” he said.

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