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I was forced to apologies to OS Suuna – Kaiyz.

Kaiyz also known as Isaac Kawalya, a former employee of Next Media Services, claims that his sincere apologies to OS Suuna, a disgraced singer, were forced and untrue.
It should be noted that the singer had three Sanyuka TV presenters, Kaiyz, Wako, and Marko, put in jail in 2021.
He charged them with libel.

This case made national headlines and compelled various UCC personnel to alter the gossip programs. The Love Yo singer was accused of dating sugar mummies by Kaizy on the Uncut show.
In addition, he claimed that the singer was a “mufere” who was posing with other people’s property. The singer was also charged with practicing witchcraft.

Suuna battled tooth and nail to get the presenters arrested after hearing these comments, sobbing in front of the camera. Later on, he did, and the problems were settled through various mediation processes, including in court.

Suuna and Kaiz would go ahead and forgive one another, putting everything behind them.
The loud-mouthed TV host who moved to the US a few weeks ago no longer needs to worry.
He claimed that the apology wasn’t sincere and was only made to absolve himself. But he would have stuck to his guns on a typical day and under normal conditions. This is due to the fact that he is aware that, as a journalist, he was speaking the truth.

The issue, though, was that Suuna incited the populace to turn against him and his coworkers. As a result, the conflict was presented as being between Ugandans and the TV presenters.
Additionally, the media personality claimed that Suuna attempted a comeback but was unsuccessful. This is due to the fact that, despite his great talent, he can’t keep up with the latest trends because of the passage of time.

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