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Bebe Cool is the Ugandan musician with the purest heart – Flavia Namulindwa

Flavia Namulindwa, a former Bukedde TV presenter, praised singer Big Size Bebe Cool. She claimed that among Ugandan musicians, the singer has the purest heart.

She apparently claimed that she and the singer of the Wire Wire hit had a lot of disagreements. He does, however, have a reputation for being a quick to forget and forgive.
Misunderstandings developed over a person named Eighton Sente who had previously been in Gagamel. But they later developed a close friendship.

Flavia attributes Bebe Cool to being a key factor in her ascent to fame in her native Uganda. The singer once provided her with content and other resources to help her succeed.
The singer was the first to support her, even when she assembled a dance crew made up of young children. For the young dancers who performed in his music video, he hired the dance group.
The Gagamel leader didn’t even bother to observe how these kids danced. He merely gave Flavia his blind support.

“Bebe Cool is one person in a million. He is one of the Ugandans I greatly respect. He is quick to forget and forgive. the Eighton saga after he bothered me about it. After leaving it behind, he began easily helping me. His gifts to me included contentment.”

“He played a part in the majority of the things I did that made me famous. When I started a dance group, I distinctly remember that he gave me my first job.
Despite being a member of Bobi Wine’s NUP diaspora branch, the US-based vlogger said, “He told me he was giving my kids a music video to dance in without even checking how they dance.”

Meanwhile, quite a few people have praised the Love You Everyday singer for helping them. One of them is Dr. Jose Chameleone, whose prosperous musical career he helped launch.

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