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JUST IN: Ogumanga Singer Evelyn Lagu Dead!!

Singer Evelyn Lagu has reportedly passed away, according to breaking news. Today morning, the singer passed away, according to news sources. It should be noted that the Ogumanga singer was previously given a heart diagnosis as well as a diagnosis of chronic kidney failure.
She started receiving treatment and has been in and out of the hospital continuously.

Two years ago, Evelyn Lagu visited Turkey in order to receive a kidney transplant, but this did not work out. Instead, she was given injections to keep her alive.

It should be noted that several well-wishers, including several musicians, joined the effort to save her life and held a fundraiser in her honor. Sadly, the damage was already quite severe, so this wasn’t much help.

She was showing several signs of healing by the time she passed away. She even performed for her Makindye fans a few weeks ago after taking a break from the stage.

The Uganda National Musicians Federation’s president, Eddy Kenzo, expressed his shock on his social media pages.

“Dear Evelyn Lagu, I can’t believe you’re gone. We took these photos last Tuesday at the Jam session. My sister, you have faced a significant conflict. Along with pictures of him and Lagu, he wrote, “May your soul rest in peace.

As more information becomes available, we will keep you informed.

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