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Karole Kasita discusses Gravity Omutujju’s inability to push their collaboration for very long.

Singer Karole Kasita has finally spoken out about how long-time collaborator Gravity Omutujju failed to promote their project. The song “Tetunazina,” which the two collaborated on, was released in the early months of this year.

When artists, particularly established ones, collaborate on a song here in Uganda, they frequently move around to various media outlets to promote it. The situations involving Gravity Omutujju and Karole Kasita, however, did not involve that.

It was Kasita’s song, and Omutujju decided to only promote it for a month. He then removed it from Instagram and added some of his other personal work.
Apparently, he deleted the song because of Kasita’s baby daddy, according to a social media rumor.
Rumor was reportedly fabricated so that people would talk about him and promote the song. He immediately deleted the song, though, after being rejected.

Karole Kasita asserted that despite the widespread belief in the rumor, it was untrue. Gravity Omutujju only removed the song because he wanted to release other new projects.
In addition, he and Kasita had made a deal that he would promote the song for just one month before moving on to other endeavors.

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