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Rebecca Kadaga rejects plans to make Luganda the official language of Uganda Airlines

Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, a former speaker of parliament, has rejected calls from some Ugandans on social media to make Luganda the official language on Uganda Airlines.

Prominent comedian Patrick Salvado proposed the idea.

The comedian claims that Luganda is the most widely used language in the nation.
Therefore, he would not object if Uganda Airlines made it one of its official languages.
It would be wonderful to be greeted in the local dialect when one first arrives in a city like Johannesburg.

Considering that Luganda is currently the most widely spoken language in the nation, the comedian said that adopting it as the official language for use by @UG_Airlines wouldn’t bother him. “I’m sure we’d all be proud to hear a home language spoken on arrival in Johannesburg, whether you understand it or not,” he added.

However, according to the former speaker of the House of Representatives, Uganda Airlines was told to only speak English and Kiswahili by the cabinet.
The Bujumbura route also uses French to some extent.
And these are the East African community’s official languages, which won’t be modified any time soon.

The Cabinet has directed Uganda Airlines to address passengers in English and Kiswahili. These are the official languages of the East African Community, and I have occasionally heard them speak French on the Bujumbura route, according to the Kamuli district woman MP. .

This has now sparked a wide range of responses. Others are fine with adopting a local language, while others have accused one another of being tribal.

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