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Big Eye Discusses His childhood aspiration to become a star.

Big Eye Starboss also known as Ibrahim Mayanja, has talked about his childhood aspiration to become famous. He expressed his pride at having achieved it and keeping it up for so long.

The singer’s singing helped him become well-known years ago. He has experienced ups and downs where fans feared he would finally give up, but thankfully he never has.
One of the incidents occurs during the general election campaigns in 2021. Big Eye began to back the ruling party and even went so far as to run for office on their behalf in various parts of Uganda.

He claimed he did it for financial gain because he was told he would gain a lot. Fans were upset because they expected Big Eye to back fellow performer Bobi Wine.
Big Eye was being hassled at the time by fans who wouldn’t let him perform on stage.

They started throwing bottles at the singer as soon as he entered the stage.
This continued for a while before he apologized and asked the audience to allow him to perform as before.

According to Big Eye, had he not gone through that difficult time, he would have given up singing and likely left the country, just like his fellow musicians do. But he couldn’t stop trying to get on stage because he had to pursue his childhood ambitions, and eventually it paid off.
When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a star, and I’m glad I did. I’ve faced challenges that led some to believe I would give up, but I’ve never done so,” he said.

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