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Lil Pazo Stop Tarnishing My Name – Suuna Ben

Lil Pazo, a struggling singer, has Suuna Ben, a media personality and disc jockey, in a rage. He has since advised him to refrain from making a fool of himself.

The Genda Ogule Emotoka singer spoke out live on camera, accusing Suuna of doing some reprehensible things to him. They are close friends, yet this is the case. He further stated that he would only discuss it when he was close to passing away or in 20 years.

The singer’s comments confused Suuna Ben, who has since revealed as much. He claimed that the singer and he both struggled in the beginning. .

His arrival in Kampala was greeted by the self-styled Lunabe. On the same mattress, they used to share meals and sleep. They’ve been very close friends for as long as he can remember. Moreover, he can’t remember ever having a conflict with the singer.

Therefore, the Bukedde FM host is perplexed as to what he did to Lil Pazo to have such an adverse effect on him. The media personality reportedly claimed that he has always made a point of explaining to everyone how much the Okusoma singer has helped him.

The singer, however, became famous because of him.

However, he never ceases to go around bragging about how he helped him.

Suuna Ben also stated that he is prepared for his reputation and fame to be tarnished. This is if it’s the price he will have to pay for the singer to express what he harbors.

If it isn’t there, he should stop teasing the public if it isn’t there. This is due to the fact that he enjoys performing stunts for the camera in order to constantly be in the news.

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