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Pallaso Doesn’t Say “hi” When We Meet- Clever J Reveals

Clever J, a struggling musician, has admitted that distant relative and fellow musician Pallaso doesn’t always say hello. Pallaso‘s promise to show up for his upcoming concert in August 2023 prompted him to say this.

As a result of his upbringing, Clever J once had a close friendship with the Mayanja family. But they began to drift apart over time. Clever J claimed that the Mayanja brothers had bewitched him to stop singing as a result of this.

The main justification he offered for this was that he began sounding like Jose Chameleone, which wasn’t good for the singer’s reputation. The singer continued, “I was hated, and that’s how slowly I stopped getting so involved in singing, and I decided to give my life to God.”.

Pallaso didn’t go to his concert, which was scheduled for the same day as Alien Skin. Not Pallaso, he claimed, but his God had shown him a way to the Alien concert.

He claims that because he did not attend his own concert, he will not be offended if Pallaso skips his. But once he does, he’ll be welcomed just like any other fan. Pallaso has never met and greeted Clever J in the time they have been apart.

Pallaso doesn’t say hello when he sees me in person. I have no idea why, but if he wants to attend my performance, he is welcome just like all of my other supporters,” he said.

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